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Law Journal Press publishes print and digital editions in over 30 practice areas on a broad range of legal and business topics. Written by leading lawyers and experts, Law Journal Press publications offer in-depth information on the latest issues, with insightful analysis practicing attorneys can trust.


Why choose Law Journal Press?

  • Complete Law Journal Press editions online — with fully searchable text and index
  • One-click access to related material — cases, statutes and expert analysis
  • Tools for organizing research — highlight and export text; create folders; save searches; add bookmarks and annotations
  • Reliable flat-rate pricing including all updates for one year — for predictable budgeting and planning
  • Automatic updates — updates are added automatically during your subscription. No new charges
  • Searching across multiple titles — when you own more than one
  • Leading-edge legal treatises that include Corporate, Securities, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Real Estate & Social Media Law

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