LJP 101 – Online Tutorials – Get Started Quickly and Easily

To help our users get the most out of their research time using LJP Online, we have created the following four video tutorials. These videos are also available on YouTube.


LJP 101 – Getting Started – Individual User (4.57)

This segment is useful to solo users.

  • Sign In / Bookmark the Page / ALM Single Sign On / Reset Password
  • My Bookshelf / Update Notification Preferences
  • Title Search / Filtering Books
  • My Activities / eBook Shelf for downloading EPUB files
  • All Books Library View / Preview Free Chapters
  • Reading a Book Online – Navigation and My Activities Overview

LJP 101 – Getting Started – Group and IP Accounts (4.37)

  • Sign In / Bookmark the Page
  • Offsite and Mobile Access – Creating an Individual Account
  • Title Search / Filtering Books by Region or Practice Area
  • Reading a Book Online – Navigation Overview
  • Exporting / Printing Overview
  • Search Overview

LJP 101 – Navigation and View (1.56)

  • TOC / Expanding & Collapsing       
  • Index
  • Using Previous & Next Section Arrows
  • Customize the View / Change Font
  • Customize the View / Maximizing the Screen
  • Linking to and from Footnotes

LJP 101 – Search and Research Tools (4.15)

  • Title Search
  • Advanced Search: Filters & Advanced Tips
  • My Activities: Bookmarks
  • My Activities: Highlights
  • My Activities: Notes
  • My Activities: Creating Research Folders


Self-Register for IP Accounts – Get More From Your LJP Online Investment


For IP-based accounts, users can self-register for expanded access (mobile, tablet, access from home) and personalized features such as notes, bookmarks, and research folders.

How it works …

When users go to the url: www.lawjournalpress.com/group from within the IP range, they will be presented with a pop-up allowing them to register for a username and password they can use to access the content from a mobile or home device.

The username must match the domain of the IP account. So, if the main account is set up under deweycheatemhowe.com, the user is required to register using that same domain. Then, when users want to login from a remote device, they can simply hit the login button, enter the username and password; and check the group account tick box.

If users choose not to register, they can hit a “No Thanks” option and the pop-up will be repressed. The “No Thanks” option is cookie-based, so if users change computers or clean their history, the pop up will reappear.

The librarian/group admin still has access to the original group admin interface and can see who has registered; and retains the ability to add, remove, or modify the accounts.

If you don’t want users to self-register, let your account rep know and we will remove the feature from your account.

We are hopeful that this improvement will allow our IP account customers to get more out of their investment in LJP products.

If you have any questions about the new feature, or other product enhancements, please contact me directly, tknudsen@alm.com