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Law Journal Newsletters publishes 17 leading online and print newsletters aimed at the diverse needs of attorneys in a wide range of practice areas. Enhanced for Web and mobile devices, these publications are powerful, intuitive, in-depth, and affordable. A professional staff of attorneys and seasoned editors discuss and analyze the latest trends, cases, precedents and rulings; often well before this information hits online media. Written by lawyers, for lawyers, each LJN newsletter brings you ongoing intelligence and forecasts by top experts practicing in their respective fields.

Accounting and Financial Planning for Law Firms
$575.00  Now: $402.50   
Analysis and intelligence for Corporate Counsel, Managing Partners, Financial Planning Professionals, and Law Firm Administrators.

The Bankruptcy Strategist
$575.00  Now: $402.50   
Techniques and strategy for Bankruptcy Practice Groups, Personal Bankruptcy Practitioners, In-House Counsel, Corporate Counsel.

Business Crimes Bulletin
$575.00  Now: $402.50   
Covering financial and white-collar crime. For Corporate Counsel, Litigators, Managing Partners, Defense Attorneys.

Commercial Leasing Law & Strategy
$575.00  Now: $402.50    
Covering strategies and techniques for Corporate Counsel, Real Estate Attorneys, Business Law Practitioners, Real Estate Companies, Franchising Professionals.

Cybersecurity Law & Strategy
$445.00  Now: $311.50    
For privacy and security professionals, Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Corporate Counsel, Internet and Tech Practitioners, In-House Counsel.

Entertainment Law & Finance
$550.00  Now: $385.00
For Entertainment Law Practitioners, In-House Counsel at Entertainment Companies, Intellectual Property Practitioners.

The Intellectual Property Strategist
$575.00  Now: $402.50
For Intellectual Property Practitioners, Patent Attorneys, Corporate Counsel, In-House Counsel.

Marketing the Law Firm
$550.00  Now: $385.00   
Reporting on the latest, and most effective strategies. For Chief Marketing Officers, Managing Partners, Law Firm Marketing Directors, Administrators, Consultants. 

New York Real Estate Law Reporter
$550.00  Now: $385.00   
Following significant real estate cases decided in the New York courts. For Real Estate Attorneys in New York.