New Title! Texas Trade Secret Litigation


Texas Trade Secret Litigation

by: Trey Cox, Chris Patton
ISBN (print): 978-1-62881-355-5
ISBN (eBook): 978-1-62881-356-2

Print + eBook: $235
eBook: $215


Because modern technology now permits easy access to confidential information from virtually any location, and because of the increasingly fluid employment market, trade secret claims are fast becoming a central concern for business litigators in Texas.

Trey Cox and Chris Patton, veteran litigators with Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst, LLP, a litigation boutique in Dallas, bring clarity to evolving legal standards for these types of claims, and the procedural issues that commonly arise in the context of state and federal trade secret claims.

For General Counsel, Business Litigators, Intellectual Property Attorneys, Employment Attorneys, Those Defending a Claim.

Texas Trade Secret Litigation covers:

  • What a Trade Secret is and Who Owns It?
  • Misappropriation
  • Planning and Initiating a Trade Secret Lawsuit
  • Discovery in a Trade Secret Lawsuit
  • Responding to the Trade Secret Lawsuit
  • Expert Witnesses In Trade Secret Cases
  • Trying a Trade Secrets Case
  • Monetary and Equitable Relief; Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016

Texas Trade Secret Litigation includes:

  • Sample Documents and Forms on CD
  • Table of Cases
  • Table of Statutes
  • Index
  • Appendices with full text: Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act (enacted in 2013) Uniform Trade Secrets Act, and federal Defend Trade Secrets Act (enacted in 2016).

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New Title: Practical Guide to Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Sales, 2nd Edition


Practical Guide to Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Sales, 2nd Edition

by: Joseph B. Darby III
ISBN: 9781945424519

Print: $279
eBook: $279
Print + eBook: $348


A must-have for financial advisors, lawyers, CPAs, and other professionals advising clients, Practical Guide to Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Sales, Second Edition, is an easy-to-understand guide which explains the tax consequences of buying or selling a business and the art of successfully closing business transactions.

Drawing on a vast 30 years of experience, author Joseph B. Darby III, J.D. – a business and transactional tax law expert – incorporates insightful, real-life examples throughout his coverage of the buying and selling of all forms of business entities, including Sole Proprietorships; Partnerships; S Corporations; C Corporations; Limited Liability Companies; Professional Corporations; and more.

Broad in scope, with numerous citations to the IRS Code, rulings, and regulations, this resource covers:

  • How tax aspects of the sale of a business can influence negotiations, both in a positive and negative way
  • The areas for “give and take” in any negotiation of tax liability for the sale of a business
  • Strategies related to Installment Sales, Contingent Payments, Goodwill, Consulting Agreements with prior owners, and other methods that can be introduced into a business acquisition
  • Common pitfalls in the negotiation process, including the overlooking of critical tax issues

Practical Guide to Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Sales, Second Edition, is the authoritative but concise and easy-to-understand resource you can rely on.

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Law Journal Press Announces: Online Practice Area Libraries


Flexibility. Accessibility. Capability.

Law Journal Press proudly presents our high-quality legal reference content from expert author practitioners in the form of online libraries. Not only do we offer online libraries covering key practice areas, but we also offer state-specific libraries (CA, CT, FL, GA, NJ, NY, PA, and TX) across practice areas to further meet your specific needs.

The Benefits of Online Libraries:

  • Build your customized online suite, specific to your needs
  • Navigate directly to the chapter of your choice
  • Enjoy quick-click access to related cases, statutes, and expert analysis for deeper research with no additional document or search charges
  • Search within indices, individual book text, or across all books in your library
  • Organize your research by highlighting and exporting text; creating folders; saving searches, and adding both bookmarks and annotations
  • Updates are automatically added at no additional charges
  • Cut your costs with preferential pricing

The Law Journal Press Practice Area Libraries Include:

  • Corporate & Securities
  • Business Crimes/Attorney Discipline
  • Cybersecurity/Privacy
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labor & Employment
  • Regional Libraries

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Highly customized, cross-library options are also available.


Whistleblower Law: A Practitioner's Guide


Whistleblower Law: A Practitioner's Guide
by: Lisa J. Banks: Katz, Marshall & Banks, LLP and
Jason C. Schwartz: Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

Print + Online + eBook: $512
eBook + Online: $468

As a federal government watchdog, I often work with corporate and government insiders with first-hand knowledge of matters vital to the public interest. Whistleblowers are the first and best line of defense against waste, corruption, and other misconduct by the government and its contractors. This book is simply without equal as a comprehensive, non-biased guide to the current landscape of federal and state whistleblower law." —Danielle Brian, Executive Director Project on Government Oversight

In this volume, you will access an in-depth, balanced overview of whistleblower law and the many issues facing practitioners today:

  • Major legislation, including the False Claims Act of 1863, the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002, and The Dodd-Frank Act
  • Whistleblower protections in the areas of consumer and investor affairs, nuclear and environmental law, and transportation
  • Survey of state laws and the District of Columbia
  • Whistleblower incentive programs, including those from the SEC, CFTC, and IRS
  • Unique challenges faced by whistleblowing attorneys and compliance officers
  • Employer considerations, including preventative measures, investigations, disclosures, privilege, and settlements.

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White Collar Crime: Business and Regulatory Offenses


White Collar Crime: Business and Regulatory Offenses
by: Robert G. Morvillo
Otto G. Obermaier: Martin & Obermaier, LLC
Robert J. Anello: Abramowitz Grand Iason & Anello PC and
Barry A. Bohrer: Schulte Roth & Zabel,

Print + Online + eBook: $930
eBook + Online: $963

The brief overview: In White Collar Crime: Business and Regulatory Offenses, Otto G. Obermaier, Robert G. Morvillo, Robert J. Anello, and Barry Bohrer have gathered a prestigious group of authors to counsel you on: criminal tax cases; securities fraud; RICO; mail and wire fraud; banking crimes; criminal antitrust actions; bribery and extortion; conspiracy; entrapment and government overreaching; government contract fraud; grand jury practice; perjury and false declarations; and general principles governing the criminal liability of corporations, their employees and officers.

White Collar Crime: Business and Regulatory Offenses also features a discussion of computer crime, including provisions of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the creation of Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property Squads designed to combat copyright theft, computer fraud and hacking. There is also valuable information on forfeiture; the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act; and the Supreme Court's interpretation of the standard of “gross proportionality” as it applies to violations of the Eighth Amendment's “excessive fines” clause.

Because the crime of "insider trading" is not expressly defined by any statute but relies instead on judicial interpretations of certain broad provisions of the securities laws, understanding the law of insider trading requires a close analysis of the relevant statutes and rules as well as of the decisions of multiple courts in both the criminal and civil contexts. Release 54 for White Collar Crime: Business and Regulatory Offenses introduces a new chapter by Robert J. Anello and Brian A. Jacobs that examines the underlying law, including the Supreme Court’s 2016 decision in United States v. Salman, civil insider trading liability, civil and criminal penalties, the private right of action, and pending insider trading legislation.

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Computer Law: Drafting and Negotiating Forms and Agreements


Computer Law: Drafting and Negotiating Forms and Agreements
by: Richard Raysman and
Peter Brown

Print + eBook: $625

Don't draft a computer-related agreement without this guide! Richard Raysman and Peter Brown have opened their files to bring you over 100 user-friendly forms and agreements. In Computer Law: Drafting and Negotiating Forms and Agreements you will find discussions of such key topics as: hardware acquisition, financing and maintenance; software licensing, development and maintenance; antitrust law; copyright, patent and trade secret protection of software; the Internet and electronic communications; domain name registration; the computer contracting process; outsourcing; resellers; software publishing; work for hire; electronic fund transfers; the status of source codes under bankruptcy; and litigating computer actions, including the use of expert witnesses.

Computer Law: Drafting and Negotiating Forms and Agreements includes an overview of computer technology, featuring a unique computer law glossary, and keeps you up to date on the latest legislative developments and significant state and federal court decisions. This two-volume deskset comes complete with a CD-ROM containing all the forms discussed in the text. You'll be able to draft high-quality legal documents with less work and in less time than ever before.


Information Security Law: Control of Digital Assets


Information Security Law: Control of Digital Assets
by: Mark G. Milone

Print + Online + eBook: $721.00
Online + eBook: $625

An essential tool for any lawyer or businessman concerned about liability from data security breaches or SOX violations. — Warren E. Agin, Swiggart & Agin, LLC

In Information Security Law: Control of Digital Assets, Mark Milone offers a comprehensive and useable desk reference, invaluable to counsel wrestling with U.S. information security issues (from incident reaction, to breach notification, to security planning). Through extensive cross-referencing, this pulls together the mosaic of applicable rules and yields a comprehensible road-map to assessing information security obligations.” — Vincent I. Polley, partner at Dickinson Wright PLLC and former chair of the ABA's Cyberspace Law Committee

For most organizations, an effective information security policy is vitally important. In some instances, it is a legal requirement.

Information Security Law: Control of Digital Assets provides encyclopedic coverage of both the technologies used to protect a network and the laws and policies that bolster them. It is filled with practical advice on all aspects of implementing effective internal controls, protecting user privacy, preventing computer crimes, leveraging intellectual property and avoiding regulatory scrutiny.

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Cybersecurity Law & Strategy


Cybersecurity Law & Strategy
Monthly Electronic Newsletter: $445/year

Latest developments, trends, cases, case studies in cybersecurity, data privacy, e-discovery, cloud computing and other legal technology.

“It’s not if you’re going to get hacked, it’s when.”

Data breaches, hacking and privacy concerns have been all over the news and present a dangerous proposition for companies that collect personal private information from customers. Law firms should be especially concerned as they possess clients’ personal information plus confidential information of corporate clients, including intellectual property/patent information.

Keeping clients’ data and information secure can be the difference in signing a client and avoiding malpractice claims if the data gets exposed. Law firms and corporations need to have a cybersecurity plan in place, as well as a plan to respond in case the data is breached.

Updated monthly with articles and analysis by experts in the field.


Massachusetts Legal Malpractice and Ethics


Massachusetts Legal Malpractice and Ethics
by: James S. Bolan and Sara N. Holden
Print + Online + eBook: $320
eBook + Online: $300

Navigate Massachusetts’ system of attorney regulation with this newest practice desk resource. Massachusetts Legal Malpractice & Ethics is comprised of two main parts: Massachusetts Bar Discipline and Legal Malpractice. Each section is further divided into subsections covering procedure, prima facie elements, defenses, seminal or noteworthy cases and commentary.

Part One, Bar Discipline, details both the investigative process and the prosecutorial process. Topics addressed include: Board of Overseers, Response to the Complaint, Diversion Program, Formal Charges, Possible Dispositions, Formal Proceedings, Discovery, Prosecuting the Petition, Review and Appeal and Proceedings Before Court. Also addressed are issues involving temporary suspension, disability inactive status, disbarment by consent, convictions, commissioners, costs and restitution, reinstatement and clearance letters.

Part Two addresses legal malpractice topics, including: Attorney-Client Relationship, Standard of Care and Proximate Cause, Damages, Expert Testimony, Other Claims (e.g., breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, negligent misrepresentation, fraud, interference with contractual relations), Defenses, and the Intersection Between Bar Discipline and Legal Malpractice.

James S. Bolan and Sara N. Holden are partners with Brecher, Wyner, Simons, Fox & Bolan in Newton, Massachusetts.


New York Employment Law


New York Employment Law
by: Daniel A. Cohen and Joshua Feinstein
Print + Online + eBook: $250
eBook + Online: $230

New York Employment Law provides a fresh and practical overview of relevant statutes and governing case law, explaining the interplay between state, local, and federal requirements. It identifies and follows path-breaking developments presently shaping this area of law.

Critical topics addressed include: the employment contract; common law duties of loyalty; restrictive covenants; wage and hour laws and ordinances, including minimum wage and overtime requirements; laws against discrimination based on characteristics such as race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, and religion; employee leave requirements; whistleblower laws; torts in the workplace, including employer liability to third parties and workers’ compensation; protected speech and privacy; reductions in force; and unemployment insurance.

New York Employment Law analyzes in detail key provisions of New York employment statutes, including the New York Labor Law, the New York State Human Rights Law, the New York False Claims Act, the New York Worker Adjustment Retraining Notification Act, and the New York Unemployment Insurance Law.

Daniel A. Cohen is Special Counsel to Walden Macht & Haran LLP in New York City. Joshua Feinstein is a partner with Hodgson Russ LLP in Buffalo, New York.